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Environmentally Considerate

At Celtic Fish & Game we are committed to doing as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint and we also aim to help you to reduce yours.

We have looked in detail at what we do, especially the waste we produce and have taken huge steps to reduce this. When making local daily deliveries we deliver all products in returnable plastic boxes, reducing both our waste and yours.


The cardboard waste is compacted by a “Miltek” baler using low energy consumption. Ecogen Recycling, a waste management company, then collect all cardboard bales and paper waste. Cardboard is then re-baled and sent to paper mills around the world. Paper mills then ’pulp’ the cardboard into paste, add fresh fibres from trees in order to make new corrugated cardboard.

Over the past 12 months, we have worked with supplier to create a box that allows us to deliver chilled and frozen products to locations across the UK. Our silver boxes are purpose built and have the same insulation properties as polystyrene if they are used properly. Unlike the polystyrene boxes, these boxes can be recycled with standard cardboard waste.

Trays, Vac Pack bags & Shrink Wrap

On a daily basis we process fish and despatch it in white plastic trays with shrink film or in vac pack bags. The trays are recyclable and can be re-used or discarded with everyday plastic waste. The shrink film and vac pack bags are fully recyclable, they contain no contaminants and are not harmful to the environment. We also re-use all our paper, it is shredded in-house and used to protect goods in transit.

Meat Waste

Meat waste is collected by  “Peake’s”. A small percentage is incinerated, but the majority is rendered. The tallow is extracted and sold and the remaining is used to produce meat and bone meal pellets / renewable fuels used to run power plants.


The polystyrene is compacted to reduce it to it’s smallest possible volumes using a poly-melting machine. Ecogen then collect and ship the product to re-processors in Europe. It is then melted and granulated for resale into the manufacturing industry. Common application for recycled polystyrene are: housing insulation, seed trays and garden furniture. 

We try not to deliver product in polystyrene boxes, but if we do we are happy to arrange collection. All we ask is that you keep them as clean and dry as possible and our drivers will be happy to collect them.


We also have a policy whereby our vans leave the factory full and return full. They deliver your goods on their outward journey and collect our stock on their inbound journey. We also source locally where possible which helps to keep the food miles to a minimum. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Fish Waste

Our fish waste is collected by “Western Waste”, a local, family run company. It’s frozen down and sent to Grimsby where it is recycled to produce fish meal protein which is subsequently used in animal feed.

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