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With Newlyn Market only a seven mile trip from our facility we are able to take full advantage of the daily fresh fish landings. A member of the team attends the fresh fish market daily. Fresh fish is bought via a verbal auction. Plymouth & Brixham also have a daily fresh fish auction that we access online. By using all three local markets we ensure a constant supply of fresh fish at the best possible price. Smaller boats fishing from our home St. Ives land their fresh fish directly to us. This can be a cross-section of species but always extremely fresh and never more than a few hours old. 

Combing Newlyn, Plymouth, Brixham and St. Ives we can offer up to 35 species of fresh fish daily. All fresh fish will be scaled, pinned and trimmed. Where possible, all fresh fish is prepared to suit your individual requirements. If you have any specific preparation for your fresh fish please don't hesitate in contacting us!    

Working to ensure that fish landed on our local markets is sold. 


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