For customers wanting that something extra special for Christmas, we produce Bronze Free Range Turkeys.


The Bronze Free Range Turkeys roam and forage on rolling Monmouthshire pastures from the age of six weeks. This freedom to exercise gives the turkeys an enriched way of life which helps to develop and improve the quality of meat, giving it superb flavour and texture. In addition they are fed a specially formulated, locally milled feed containing 75% grain (with no growth enhancers). This helps maintain optimum health and growth, resulting in succulent, fine-textured, full-flavoured meat you will be proud to serve on Christmas Day.


Our Free-Range Bronze Turkeys are individually boxed, with cooking guidelines and a ‘Pop-Rite’ cooking timer to ensure that this premium turkey has every opportunity to achieve its full potential.


It is worth noting that because a bronze turkey has black feathers there will be a few black flecks left when the turkey arrives to you. This will mainly disappear with cooking and will definitely not spoil the flavour. If anything in reiterates the traditional aspect of the bronze turkey.


All you have to do is place it in the oven for the designated amount of time and enjoy a tasty turkey for Christmas dinner!


Simply select your preferred size.  A 4-5kg Turkey will feed approximately 8-10 people. A 5-6kg Turkey will feed approximately 10-12 people.


Please note this product is a pre-order only product. We will not have them in stock before then.